How A Random Conversation Led Me To Getting A Tactical Backpack

My family and I have been going on some shorter hikes together. We don’t see each other very often, but it is always nice to enjoy family outings when we all have the chance to get together. This happens only a few times a year, but it is a time to be cherished. We do some easier hikes when my parents are here, since they are not that experienced of hikers.

We were on one of these family hikes when we started a random conversation about the waist strap on my brother’s hiking backpack that he was wearing. None of us had a real backpack for hiking except for my brother. We are all obsessed with fitness, and we were talking about how small my brother’s waist strap is and seeing if we could fit it around our own waists.

I put my brother’s tactical backpack on just out of curiosity to see if his waist strap would fit me. The minute that I put it on, I forgot all about the waist strap because I was shocked how light and comfortable the backpack felt. He had tons of stuff in it and you would never guess it. I realized how he manages to do all those hard hikes with this backpack. That’s when I realized I needed my own real backpack of the tactical kind. I thought, what was I doing with the wrong backpack all these years? I was limiting myself to opportunities of hiking far and challenging myself just because my backpack wasn’t comfortable.